Fear, the World and an Update

1.)My best friend sent me a text this morning, Be Fearless.

This is what I’ve needed to hear. I realize I have been holding myself way back – giving myself and anyone who would listen a thousand different reasons why I can’t do this or that.

I am not practicing what I preach or walking the walk.

The thing about living in fear is that it’s entirely self-centered. All I’ve been thinking about is me, me, me and how anxious I am and how I’m not sleeping and wondering, wondering – what should I do? what can I do? blah, blah, blah.

My best friend is screaming – take action, take action, but I’ve – well, frankly – been too scared. And offered too many excuses.


2.) With the world the way it is – Hurricanes, floods, wild fires AND folks in my life who have serious troubles – it’s been hard for me to think about writing about body image, weight, self-esteem. But I’m back (see below.)

3.) Update on Faith, the 10 year-old I wrote about in previous posts. She’s the girl who thinks she’s overweight and who’s dad wants to put her on a crash diet. I saw a picture of Faith leaving for her first day of school. She’s not even an ounce chubby. I’m serious. She’s not skinny like some kids, but she’s fine.

Faith’s friends aren’t in any of her classes and she’s having trouble connecting with new kids. She’s having a tough time.

One of her peers told Faith she’d become vegan, so she’d lose weight. A ten year old! Faith asked her mom, my friend, if she could become vegan too, in order to lose weight. My friend told her that if she could provide healthy vegan recipes which would give Faith all the protein she needs, she would consider it.

But said my friend, “I refuse to put my healthy ten year old on a diet!” God bless her.

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