The Heartbreak Diet

In my last post, I talked about the singer/songwriter, Julie Gold, I saw Friday night. She wrote the beautiful song, ‘From a Distance’, and many other songs that touched me and resonated with me. I loved her politics!

One ‘lighter’ song, however, resonated with me in a less than positive way. It’s called ‘The Heartbreak Diet’ and she starts out by listing all the many diets that didn’t work – Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Pritikin and so on….She goes on to sing that the only diet guaranteed to work was heartbreak.

She sang about the only good part (but a REALLY great part) of a broken heart is not being able to eat – her weight drops drastically, her wardrobe fit and all her friends heap compliments.

As she says, she “never looked better”. It was “a really nice perk”.

The audience laughed and cheered. Everyone understood exactly. Somehow or other, getting skinny is always good – no matter how you got there. It’s a perk, a wonderful side benefit, something to love.

Apparently, it’s a universal truth. Meant to be a cute song. I found it troubling.

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