An Inspiring Night Out

Last night, I saw a singer/songwriter perform locally. Her name is Julie Gold and she’s the woman who wrote ‘From a Distance’, made famous by Bette Midler.
It was a lovely performance – she writes good songs! But my favorite part was something she said about playing the piano.

Julie (I’m calling her by her said name because she told me too when I thanked her after the show) told a story about being in camp as a young girl. At night, when the other kids were socializing, she’d find her way to the rec room and play the piano all night, every night – because that’s what she was born to do, it was what she HAD to do.

Julie said that whenever she sees a piano across a crowded room, her heart still goes pitter patter. That’s never changed. How she feels about people can change, but how she feels about a piano – never.

I always wished I’d had that passion – something that i knew I HAD to do. I imagine it makes life easier.

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