Running Interference with the Weight Patrol

A couple of days ago, I wrote about my friend, Lisa, who’s daughter, Hope, gets teased about her weight. Each time Hope is teased, she tells her mom that she wants to go on a diet.

Lisa does a great job with Hope and tells her she’s perfect and to pay others no mind.

Yesterday, Lisa’s ex-husband, Phil, asked if they should put Hope (a 10 year old!!!!) on a crash diet for two weeks. He says he doesn’t want the other kids to make fun of her.

Lisa knows that crash dieting is the absolute wrong approach. But it’s a really issue, on a regular basis with her ex

Here’s what Lisa wrote me, “It’s a horrible and ricidulous thing to say and then say it out loud. He is coming from a place of fear for her. I get that. But that is so harmful to her in every way. It hurt me and crushed when he said it. I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked and disappointed.”

Then Lisa added that her parents are very concerned about Hope’s weight too.

Lisa run interference ocnstantly – keeping her ex and her parents in check, cradling Grace’s ego – as she puts it, running defense.

The crazy thing is Hope is perfectly healthy, just not particularly thin. She’s active and smart and engaged – a terrific kid.

Why should she be the one to change?

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