The ‘Fat’ Kid – What to Do?

My friend Lisa’s daughter, Hope,doesn’t want to go back to school. Turns out a couple of boys who called her ‘fat’ last year are going to be in her class. And as Lisa said, Hope looks the same this year as she did last – she’s not thin, but not fat. I guess she’s a little chubby? But perfectly healthy and generally happy.

Lisa is filled with anxiety – it’s a complicated story. She hates that her daughter is subjected to cruel comments – and we all know how awful ‘fat’ is to hear about ourselves. She wants to support her daughter but without encouraging dieting.

Lisa doesn’t want to hurt Hope’s self-image. As I said, Hope (like Lisa before her) isn’t a skinny kid. Lisa, though, became a compulsive eater, eventually weighing in at 300 pounds. She knows all about the cruelty aimed at overweight people. Lisa ended up having gastric bypass surgery and is now a normal weight and really healthy, physical, mentally and spiritually. But she’s desperate that her daughter doesn’t follow her own path.

She’s terrified of triggering disordered eating in Hope. She’s miserable that her daughter will probably be teased again this year, but she’s not sure exactly what to do. For now, I really think she’s doing her best, focusing on Hope’s many talents and leaving weight loss out of the equation. Let’s pray for the best.

It’s a fine line parents walk, isn’t it?

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