My Outsides; Her Insides

A couple of posts back I complained about not being invited to Michele G.’s sleepover party 40 years. I have to confess that I checked Michele out on Facebook. She looks exactly the same. She”s still gorgeous. She seems to have a great husband, great kids and a great career. I am very happy for her……….

I also looked up Michele’s best friend from those years, Alise Child. Back in the day, Alise was pretty, tiny, confident and popular. She was good at everything. She was also one of the nicer cool girls.

I expected to find Alise also still gorgeous, happy and successful. But that’s not what I saw. Apparently, Alise has suffered from severe depression for years, she’s a single mom, doesn’t seem to have a career, and she’s obese.

I struggle with writing that she’s obese, in case it sounds judgmental. Who knows how she feels about it? However, I have not yet met the person who likes being morbidly obese. And I do believe there’s got to be some disordered, unhealthy and emotional eating involved.

I was sad to see that she’s suffered. And it’s a lesson – we really don’t have know what’s going on inside someone else. Alise is on my prayer list.

Michele G. is also in my prayers. It is best to have kind thoughts toward all. And who knows what SHE may suffer deep inside.

I will say – I sure am glad I’m not 13 anymore! And I am so grateful that for me, these later years are the best ones so far. I am very lucky, indeed.

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