Annoyed with my Body

Okay, I have to admit – I am a wee bit annoyed with my body. Or maybe disappointed is a better word.

After years of eating fine and weighing the same, I feel a little betrayed that this body keeps gaining weight.

For years, I have been very careful to eat healthfully, to not overeat and, of course, to never eat compulsively. And I’ve been rather successful, I have to say.

For years, people have told me to “live a little” and “loosen up”. For years, I’ve been told that I could eat more and still not have to worry.

Well, I wouldn’t even say that I’m eating more, I haven’t loosened up and for me, living me a little still means participating in life, not eating differently.

I’m also annoyed that I still grapple with this – when will I officially let my body be? One day. I am not, never, ever giving up.

So, I’ve confessed. That’s off my (rather voluptuous) chest. However, such is life. People have real problems. Moving on.

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