Unflattering Clothes

I wore an unflattering dress yesterday. It made my breasts look saggy, my stomach seem bulgy and my thighs look wide. It did NOT accentuate any of my better features.

But it was REALLY comfortable.

I met my friend at a meeting and asked him if my dress was unflattering. He paused (for just a second, but I saw it)and told me I looked fine. Later, back home, I asked him again.

He said, “why do you care what other people think about how you look in a dress? You’re 53, who gives a fuck?”

I’m not sure why I care (aka – give a fuck.) I have spent a lifetime picking clothes that ‘flatter’, ‘slim’, ‘define’, and basically, fit well. But why?

And he’s right, at 53, who really cares anymore? Why not wear what I like, no matter how saggy my boobs look?

I suppose I’m self-conscious about the weight gain. Ten pounds ago or so, everything looked slim, no matter what I wore. (Although, I still tried to flatter my figure, regardless. “Slimming” is very ingrained.)

I’ll have to give more thought to what my friend said, but I think at this point, I’m not quite evolved enough for his approach. The comfy dress is probably confined to the house. For now.

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