Me, Eating Intuitively

I am having an entertaining time trying to eat really intuitively, as recommended by Karen yesterday.

I’m very busy, trying to figure out if I am truly hungry, or is my tummy churning because I’m tired or anxious?

Once I’ve discerned hunger, I then spend some serious time identifying what exactly I want to eat. That does take a while, particularly as I have a lot of work to do at my job in between all the meditating on my belly.

Now that I know what I want to eat, I then have to see if I have access to that food – so, unfortunately, there weren’t any lamb chops at my office cafeteria this morning.

I’m being a little dramatic. I do like to eat when I’m hungry and not when I’m not. And I do tend to know what I want when I’m hungry – it’s usually a small combination of protein, carb, vegetable and a smidge of fat. But it doesn’t get terribly specific, many combinations will do just fine, any time – turkey with lettuce and tomato and a swipe of mayo on a slice of toast, tuna on crackers with a salad and a drop of dressing , an egg on toast with tomato and a little butter.

I can’t really be bothered to pay THAT much attention.

I did notice, though, how often I am NOT hungry! hmmm

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