If You Don’t Have Something Nice to Say…

A friend recently told me that I shouldn’t show so much teeth in photos. I do have a big toothy smile, but I didn’t realize it was so unattractive.

Turns out, it’s not my teeth that are the real problem – the problem is that when I smile so wide, my laugh lines are very prominent, and I look older. Okay.

Another friend pointed out that with my weight gain, I need new bras, because the girls are popping out noticeably. Apparently, it now looks like I have four breasts, not two.

I KNOW I need new bras, but I despise bra shopping and don’t feel like spending the money right now. Stop looking at my boobs!

Also, sales people, stop offering me wrinkle cream and slimming black slacks. Hairdressers, I don’t care that blonde ages me.

The ONLY recommendation I want is from my bookseller πŸ™‚ She’s welcome to offer me anything. The more suggestions, the better.

Other than that, unless you’re complimenting my big green eyes, keep it to yourself.

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