My Day with an Eater

I spent today with a very athletic friend. She’s training for a 160 mile bike race and riding very long treks most days. Yesterday, she traveled 110 miles.

So, today, she was staaaarving. All day. The old me would have hated that she snacked all day – on all the foods I rarely indulge in. I would have been jealous and angry (furious.)

Back in the day, I hated anyone and everyone who a.) didn’t have an eating disorder b.)wasn’t overweight by nature c.) enjoyed exercise (weirdos) and d.) could eat plenty of food and not get fat, like I would.

I’d sit with my poached egg and lettuce and hate with all my heart and soul. Jealous, jealous, jealous.

Today, I didn’t mind at all. I did notice that our activities needed to be curtailed regularly so my friend could feed her starving belly, but I had no desire to join her. It was 95 degrees and sunny and humid, and I wasn’t hungry. I wanted water, but not food.

Later, at the diner, while she ate her hungry man dinner and dessert, I sat happily with my poached egg, toast and veggies.

Afterwards, she explained that she doesn’t always eat so much. Just days after long rides, when her metabolism is really fast and she needs to re-fuel. Usually, she eats a granola bar at 6 am. Yogurt and fruit at 9:30, a sandwich at noon and then grains and veggies with protein for dinner.


She, the healthy one, thinks about food way more than I do!!!! Must be so difficult…Hahahahahahaha

2 thoughts on “My Day with an Eater

  1. I often wonder how healthy people do it? I’d like to shadow someone to find out the secret. But alas I don’t really believe there is a secret. I’m still jealous 😒. I’m a mess.

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  2. J-Dub; I am definitely NOT a healthy, normal eater by nature. I’m kind of not a healthy, normal anything by nature. But I have learned to put everything into perspective. The 12 Steps really changed me. Somehow, they allowed me a good, thorough and honest look at myself and my life, that not even years and years of therapy could. It was almost weird how it worked.


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