A New Set of Rules for ‘Dressing My Size’

When I was skinny, I loved shopping. I thought everything looked fabulous, whether it was tight, loose, short, long, high cut, low cut, cheap or expensive. I happily and easily wore EVERY style.

Today, forty pounds heavier, not so much. My new body, apparently, needs to be covered.

I googled dressing tips for bigger bodies, and here’s basically what every site said, “Your main focus when buying women’s plus size clothing is to create a slimmer and trimmer silhouette that makes the eye go up and down, instead of side to side.” They all talked extensively about how to strategically cover those “lumps and bumps”. ‘Lumps and Bumps’ seems the official way to describe a larger woman’s curves.

But what’s wrong with having a curvier (lumpier and bumpier?) body? Why is ‘slim and trim’ a goal? What if I’m not slim and trim and don’t feel the need to pretend that I am?

Why are we so prejudiced against thighs, bellies, breasts and hips? It’s very weird, as most women have them!

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