Body Confidence: One More Thought

One more thought on my last post; while I completely idolized plus-sized models, I 100% assumed that if they had their druthers, they’d be thinner. I figured they’d made peace with the bodies God gave them and refused to starve down to an unnatural size for them, BUT if it were easier, they’d rather weigh less.

I don’t think that way anymore. Now, I assume that these women hav many more important things to worry about other than what they weigh. AND, I have no idea whatsoever what their preferences are.

I was just so sure that every single human being on earth would prefer to be thin – quite presumptuous, no? Plus-sized models say they’re perfectly happy and enjoy their bodies (and their lives!) In my own way, I was kind of calling them liars. Not very nice. But I was so sure…..

It’s a joy to see a change in my thinking and my beliefs!

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