Food and the Holiday Weekend

There was a time when spending the whole day alone, as I am today, in my apartment scared the crap out of me. How would I, could I possibly resist the call of the refrigerator?

What pure joy that it’s not a problem at all anymore. In fact, I enjoy nothing more than being at home, tidying, reading, doing paperwork AND of course, best of all, hanging out with my dear little one, Rebecca the cat.

Happily, food never calls my name these days, no matter where I am. Yesterday, I went to a bbq where I didn’t know many people. In the past, I would have eaten and drank my way through the afternoon, to mask my discomfort and pass the time. I’d probably feel really sorry for myself that I didn’t know anyone and no one was seeking me out, or something along those silly lines.

Instead, yesterday, I knew I could deal with anything just fine. Initially, I helped the hostess (the person who was supposed to help her had the flu and had stayed home.) Then, I found someone else who didn’t really know anyone and befriended her. When our hosts ran out of hamburger buns, I grabbed my new friend and we ran to the supermarket. In the car, we found a song we loved and sang our hearts (Derek and the Dominoes, Layla.) We got lost getting to the market, got stuck in long long lines just to buy a few rolls, and by the time we made it back, our hosts had found they’d had enough hamburger buns after all. My new buddy and I laughed and laughed.

Initially, I’d planned to go to that party for an hour at most. I ended up being the last one to leave, as I stayed and helped the hostess clean up.

Not once did I think of food, not even when it was truly time to eat – I was too busy, too engaged and having too much fun. I eventually had a light and healthy plate of food because I got hungry. But that was it.

What a great day.

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