Anti Anti-Aging. Anti?

I am so anti anti-aging, mostly because it’s an impossibility. No amount of botox or eye cream is going to make me 35 again.

I’m very proud (a little righteous?) about my stance. When people tell me I don’t look my age (53 next month), I laugh and tell them I do. A few months back, I got a big haircut that apparently makes me look much younger – that’s what everyone says. But I have too many cowlicks and too much frizz to deal with short hair – I am growing it back, so it can be plopped on top of my head and forgotten. Who cares?

And of course, I am accepting the weight gain that, evidently, comes with age.

There are many fine examples of me confidently welcoming this decade; however, I have to admit – I realized there’s one area where I’m not so sure. Going gray.

Going gray hasn’t been an issue, because I didn’t really have any gray hairs until this year. Maybe there were a couple of grays at my hairline, but I’ve highlighted my hair since high school and that covered them easily. Now, they’re hair in force.

Kind of defensively, I tell myself that I have dyed my hair for the last 35 years because I love to play and think it’s pretty, so if I continue to dye it, it’s nothing to do with age. But covering gray feels different than highlighting mousy brown.

Kind of defensively, I tell myself that my particular gray isn’t a pretty color. I tell myself it really washes me out and makes me look tired. So, there are other reasons to dye it.

But, if I am truly honest with myself – I fear it will make me look really old. Hmmm

Perhaps it’s time for me to stop judging wrinkle cream…

6 thoughts on “Anti Anti-Aging. Anti?

  1. We are the same age and I’ve been covering my gray since 2004 😳 I’m going the fight it every step of the way. I used to joke that I’d suck or tuck when things with the old body got really bad. Now life events makes me realize that’s NOT funny. I won’t go the the knife electively.

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  2. that must be my problem – i hate to fight! I’m just too lazy. i suppose i think it’s just fine to battle gray, etc. But so much of it is a fight i’m going to lose anyway, so i don’t try too hard. I was looking at People magazine yesterday and all the famous women at the Met Gala in NYC. I could really see the work on the women over 40. they just didn’t look quite right. It was refreshing to see an actual young woman who looked like herself. I guess the question is – why can’t we all just look like ourselves?


  3. I started getting grays in my early 30s. Soon I not only got highlights done, but had to have my roots dyed to cover up the gray. I am now 40 (almost 41) and am a slave to the hairdresser. I don’t have too much in the way of wrinkles, but damn those gray hairs! I just refuse to accept this middle-aged business.


  4. I am okay with my grey hair but I think I am lucky with how it has turned out. It was quite awful growing it out at the time. Two years of looking in the mirror and groaning a bit each time. Grey hair requires a lot of attention to keep it looking good. If I just let it dry naturally with no product in it, it just looks like a big frizz ball.

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  5. Your hair is beautiful! My gray looks like steel. And i have very pale skin and pale hair makes me look really tired. But…perhaps those are just excuses…. Good to hear from you!


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