Mother’s New Little Helper

Yesterday, I saw a bottle of wine called Mom’s Time Out. Nice gift – ‘here Mom, go get smashed on Mother’s Day’. My own mother liked flowers.

I know there’s a whole culture of Mommy’s wine-time these days, and it strikes me as worrisome. Is it any different than the Mother’s little helper, Valium, that unhappy housewives popped in the 1950s and 60s?

Why do mother’s need to self-medicate? Is being a mom a miserable job? Are today’s mom’s so unhappy they need an escape? When I drank it was to forget – to become oblivious to my problems. Are mom’s hoping to forget they have kids? Are women so overwhelmed today that escape seems necessary?

I am not a mother, so I don’t know. AND, I am not judging anyone. I’m just wondering if there’s an underlying problem that should be addressed rather than medicated.

In the 1950s, many women found themselves miserable at home, cooking and cleaning and child-rearing exclusively, and so they revolted and the Women’s Movement came to be.

Married women got out of the house and into the workforce, earning (some) respect and rights along the way. Did it become too much – working, running the house, raising children…? Are mother’s completely overwhelmed and in need of escape?

Stay-at-home mom’s have the same pressures as mom’s years ago – there’s no bigger or more important job than being a mother. Is it still as frustrating? Does mothering not get the appreciation it deserves?

I don’t know the answer, but do we need to be addressing something we’re not? Again, I ask – why do mom’s feel the need to drink?

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