Fat Pain

Yesterday, I spoke at a meeting of compulsive eaters. There’s something about being fat that can be just plain sad and miserable and even embarrassing. When I am in a room of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts there is often an air of laughter. Everyone has kind of funny stories about “the good old days”. Falling off bar stools, dancing on tables, causing trouble.

But truly, there are no funny binge stories. We wear our fat as a badge of shame. Before I drank, I used to envy alcoholics – their hangovers looked cool. My post-binge body looked gross to me.

Back in the 1990s, skinny, pale, dark-circled heroin chic ruled the runways. Women TRIED to look like drug addicts, because it was so cool!

No one has ever tried to look like a food addict. I’m taking that to Vegas.

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