Food Hoarding

Lately, I’ve noticed I’ve got a ridiculous amount of food in my small-ish refrigerator. I am one woman, living alone, but my fridge could feed a family – or two. There’s steak, salmon, shrimp, tuna salad, pasta, salad, veggies, eggs, quiche, and three different soups.

Then, on my way home last night, I thought, ‘I know, I’ll get some chicken!’. Where I planned to put it, I’m not sure, considering my fridge IS small and my freezer only fits ice trays…

What’s going on? I’m a pretty moderate eater. Why do I feel the need to have all this food around? I certainly don’t eat it all.

Could it be that for years I only kept diet coke, white wine and condiments in the refrigerator? (If you’ve never been anorexic, you probably don’t understand about making a meal out of mustard, ketchup and balsamic vinegar. But if you have been, you may well know what I mean.)

There is something soothing about having all this food around – I will never be without something I want to eat, when I’m hungry, of course. I’m not overeating or obsessing or anything – I just seem to like all the options.

There are schools of thought that suggest that the way to break free of compulsively eating “binge foods” is to ALWAYS have ALL the foods you love around you. The premise is that dieting and restricting are what lead to bingeing. If we legalize all food, and learn to eat when we’re hungry and stop when we’re full, we will be fine. And if we eat EXACTLY what we want when we’re hungry(so, don’t eat celery when we really long for mashed potatoes), we will be satisfied and we’ll stop with a comfortable portion. All foods are equal – none is sexier than another. A carrot is the same as cheesecake.

Still, I am spending way too much money keeping my refrigerator fabulously stocked. And I do waste a lot, which is sinful. Time to slim the fridge.

2 thoughts on “Food Hoarding

  1. I am about to move into my own apartment after almost a year and a half of staying with my parents (they eat shitty and I allowed myself to eat so much crap here)… I will NOT be buying foods for my new apartment that I could easily eat. Keeping “binge foods” available sounds like the worst idea ever. I think I understand their thinking behind that, but clearly they’ve never dealt with the problem if that’s what they’re suggesting! I have a problem with night eating/eating before bed. I’m going to break that habit when I move. So hellllllll no, I’m not gonna keep a bunch of easy to eat CRAP in my apartment!!!

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  2. i’m with you. It’s so much easier not to have to deal with all that food around, if we’re feeling vulnerable. Congratulations on getting your new apartment. And i think it’s great to start new habits when you move. Good luck!!!


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