Still Seething

Remember that thing I was seething about last week, that I said I’d faced and gotten rid? Well, guess what – I kept seething. And my attitude continued to suck. But I’m not entitled to a rotten attitude. Why should anyone have to deal with me and my nastiness?

And so,clearly , I must do more – be more appreciative of everything I have, put my best self forward and show up with grace, which I definitely had not been doing.

I have to remember I can’t change other people. Period. All I can change is ME, my actions and reactions.

Sometimes I still grit my teeth and bear things. I tell myself that I will be happy one day – with the perfect man, the perfect career, the perfect credit rating…It’s time for me to realize that I can be happy NOW! And I can behave better – starting right NOW.

There’s a salesperson, Jay, in my office who is one of the nicest, friendliest guys I’ve ever met. Everyone loves him. Being around him makes us all feel better. (AND he is a top salesperson. Customers adore him.) I want to be more like him, even if it doesn’t come naturally. Jay seems to have born a delightful spirit. I wasn’t, but that’s no excuse. When people interact with me, I want them to experience what we all enjoy when dealing with Jay.

And besides., the nicer and friendlier I am to others, the more chance that they might be just that much nicer and friendlier back to me – no guarantees, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

And so, everyone (me too!) benefits from me having a better attitude.

I am making a bit of a game of this. Every time negativity or annoyance comes up, I remember Jay and smile. And try mightily to do better than my instincts would have me.

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