Noticing Weight

I went out with some old friends I haven’t seen in quite a while. I was excited and delighted and so looking forward to seeing them. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t wondering if they’d notice my 10 pound weight gain. As though this is all they think about.

The funny thing is – they’d all gained weight too. One friend just had a baby, another is on a medication that keeps her perpetually bloated, another injured her leg running and can’t exercise, and the fourth, heavy to begin with, looked like she’d gained a few.

Of course, I’m worried their biggest interest is that I’ve put on ten !!! Uhm, can we go through this again. Nancy just had her first child! Linda takes steroids because otherwise she can’t breath, Katie has been in tons of pain from her leg injury and Amy is going through a very difficult divorce.

Believe it or not – no one seemed to notice my body! They seemed more interested in the major events happening each other’s lives. Hmmmmm

Why am I staring at their bodies?

Evidently, I still have a sick mind. And since a sick mind can’t help a sick mind, you can see why I need Power greater than myself to return me to sanity!!!!

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