Normal Reaction with Food

It’s kind of been a rocky week. Resentment and fear have reared their heads, and there has been extra stress and lack of sleep and some sadness.

But that’s life. And I’ll be fine. In fact, I am fine – just dealing with…life.

What’s different is how I relate to food at this point in my life during these kinds of times.

First of all, I don’t think to use food, for sure. I know on a very cellular level now that food does nothing for anger, fear, sadness, stress or even, tired. When tired, I need sleep. (Food does quell hunger, but that’s a different need entirely.)

But wilder of all, particularly for a women who binged her brains out ANY time ANY thing was troublesome – nowadays, when I’m stressed or upset or sad – I can’t eat. I lose all desire to put food in my mouth – in fact, it seems like a nauseating idea

After just writing the paragraph above, I googled – reaction to fear and appetite. Here’s what popped up, “When confronted with stress, nervousness and anxiety, you often just don’t feel like eating, or the thought of food is unappealing. This symptom can also be described as not having any desire to eat, not ever being hungry, or the thought of eating makes you nauseous.”

Wait, that’s me!!! The same woman who even binged her way through stomach flus! The fact that I do not want to eat for any reason at all is amazing, but that I don’t want to eat when miserable – proof, proof, proof that miracles can happen and anything is possible. For anyone.

Woo hoo! Bring on the tough times, baby

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