Farewell to Frumpy, Plumpy, Lumpy and Dumpy

The man in my life compliments me perfectly – he says exactly the right things, every time. And he seems to know when I’m feeling the least self-confident — suddenly he’ll mention how much more appealing and sexy I grow every day. He even seems to allude to the fact that he finds me more attractive seen I’ve gained ten pounds. Of course, he’s too smart to put it quite that way!!!!(Although I did show him a lovely picture of me from 10 years ago when I was younger, blonder and 15 pounds less. He said, “You look exactly the same. That picture could have been taken today. Again, smart man.)

Why then, when I look in the mirror recently, do I only see frumpy, plumpy, dumpy and lumpy?

Let me be clear – I’m not changing my lifestyle to change my body. I’m perfectly happy with the way I eat and move. That’s staying. And my life is very good and fulfilling. What needs to change is my attitude toward my body.

My body has taken me through a lot and taken a lot from me. I have stuffed it with the worst foods, starved it, bombarded it with laxatives, nearly puked out it’s guts, given it an ulcer, battered it’s liver and nearly killed it with drugs. Such disrespect.

And I continue to disrespect it by calling it names.

Why don’t I believe the nice man who loves my body? If he were to tell me I was getting frumpy, dumpy, plumpy and lumpy, well I would think to myself – “now, finally he is being honest!”

But he doesn’t. Why can’t I see my body as he does? I’ve made so many changes in my life. I guess I see where the next one needs to be!!!

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