I have never liked being uncomfortable and firmly believed I couldn’t tolerate discomfort.

My life was all about comfort – I’d take three long bubble baths a day, buy myself anything I wanted, never clean or cook – basically, I just always wanted to feel “good”.

BUT, I was miserable. In avoiding discomfort, I got MORE uncomfortable. All the shopping put me in huge debt. Never cleaning left or taking care of my house left it a total mess. And of course, binge eating when “uncomfortable” made me the most miserable of all.

Of course there was the incredible physical discomfort of binging. After an episode, my distended and bloated stomach ached, my pants wouldn’t button, I’d feel lethargic and gross.

But the guilt, shame, remorse and self-hatred I experienced the next morning proved even worse – EXTREMELY uncomfortable..

The truth is I can actually tolerate discomfort. I’ll get through it. The world won’t end while I’m bored, lonely, anxious, sad, angry or tired. And soon the discomfort will pass. Not only will I be fine but the best part:

I won’t have to deal with the fall-out from binging!!!!! Hooray

I’ll take a little discomfort over post-binge horror any day.

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