My dear, but famously judgmental friend, Robin, was acting strange. She was doing all sorts of things and going all sorts of places that she’d usually look far down her nose upon. And she didn’t have a snarkey word to say about anyone or anything.

“What’s going on”, I asked her, after an acquaintance made a political statement that would normally have sent Robin through the roof.

“I decided I need to shut up and listen and stop judging so much”, she replied, humbly and cheerfully. “I’ve just gotten too full of myself and judgey.”

“Wow. Cool. Good for you”, I said.

But inwardly, I cringed. I realized I’ve always enjoyed Robin’s often hysterical cutting remarks. What does that say about me and judgment?

And it hit me, if my most (formerly proudly) judgmental friend is stopping judgment, isn’t it time for me to stop too?

So, here I am, starting right now – no more judgment. Off I go, into the world, with an open heart.

I don’t think this is going to be particularly easy.

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