Easy Eating

I am developing an approach to food that should allow a return to some kind of normalcy. For some people, meal plans and abstaining from certain foods works perfectly. But for some of us, it’s not what we’re looking for. Some women I work with through the 12 Step process tell me that following a strict meal plan makes them even crazier – it feels like a restrictive diet and makes them think about food too much. (Many women I work with love the strict food plan, and that’s great too.) Whatever works.

I do believe that, for some of us, if we face and get rid of the underlying issues that lead us to food AND face AND accept our own truth with food, we can find our way. For example, if I know I’m a sugar addict, i don’t eat sugar. And don’t even want it, because I’ve learned and know on a deep level that food truly doesn’t solve ANY of problems. Except hunger, of course.

I was as crazy a compulsive eater as anyone I know. And so I sense that isf it worked for me, it could work for others.

For me, the 12 Steps gave me the way out from under. In my experience, I won’t ever be fine with food if I don’t get rid of what’s making me eat (drink, drug, smoke, gamble..) But if I do really face my problems and learn that I don’t have to be afraid them, I truly believe I can be okay with anything and everything.

At least, that’s how I live.

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