Some days are harder than others. That doesn’t mean I eat. It doesn’t mean I drink. I don’t even go to Macy’s. Because if I binge or drink or shop and don’t face what’s bothering me, the problems are still there (eating at me, if you will!), and I’m even more miserable now. Food doesn’t make them go away. It just anesthetizes them briefly and then – voila, there they are again.

So no, problems don’t lead me into a quart of mint chocolate chip. They lead to dealing with the issues and getting through them. Mostly, I find, the issue is that I’m scared. These day, if I’m scared, I face the fear and do what i have to do. And then I’m okay. But ice cream and alcohol won’t get the work done, no matter what that work is. Xanax and new shoes can’t help me with hurt or anger.

Dealing with the problems can actually alleviate them. AND how nice not to wake up the next morning horrified – post binge, hungover or with credit card bills that scare me right back to the booze!

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