The Truth About Aging

I’ve written a lot about being honest with ourselves – such as with food, where I need to know my own truth about what and how to eat. I’ve written about being honest and taking responsibility for my actions – just because my mother took me to Weight Watchers when I was nine, that doesn’t mean she’s responsible for my bulimia 30 years later.

Now, I have to be honest with myself about aging. Sure, i don’t want to die and don’t want to become infirm, but the truth is – if i am lucky enough to grow older, I will get all the physical and mental stuff that goes with it. I’ve got no control over that.

So, I might as well tell myself the truth. No amount of anti-aging creams will make me young. And if I’m not young, why try to pretend to look like someone I’m not?

(Now, I have nothing against anyone who wants to do anything to and for their own bodies. It’s your body – do what you like. And I’m sure I’ll think you look better than I do!!!!!)

Still, I don’t understand the anti-aging world – fillers, botox, facelifts, creams. Why bother? The affects are fleeting anyway – and the upkeep sounds exhausting. People say they use fillers to look “fresher” not younger. What does that mean? Fresher than what?

I doubt I’ll ever do anything. First of all, I HATE pain. No one’s sticking a needle in my jowly jowls! Would i think differently if I didn’t mind things that hurt AND had the money? I doubt it, but I suppose I’ll never know.

I do dye my hair; however, I’ve been dying it since high school, when I made my friend Frank pull my hair out of the Frost & Tip cap with a crochet hook. I don’t have much gray, and have always loved changing my haircut and color, so i don’t know if that counts as anti-aging?

As I don’t do stiff to hide my age, I’m rarely told that I look younger than my age. If some does say it, I know they’re being kind, but I don’t take it as a compliment. I have zero desire to look younger than I am.

My earlier years were fucking MISERABLE – I would not go back. I am pretty peaceful these days.

Of course, I want to be well and healthy. But I can’t ever be young again. Why pretend?

I wish looking old were just as desirable as looking young. Can’t we just look like ourselves?

One thought on “The Truth About Aging

  1. I would never use botox or have a facelift. I used to think I would have my eyelids lifted a bit but unless they caused a problem with vision (as happened to my mother) then, sure, I would. But I have yet to see a facelift, fillers, botox etc. that doesn’t look like exactly what it is. Having said that, three years ago I had laser treatment on my face to get some sun damage removed. The end result was amazing. Almost ethereal. It faded over time of course and as the pain was so unpleasant, you couldn’t pay me enough to do it again. I love being 53.


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