Older Men/Younger Women

I had my taxes done last week. My accountant, Bob, is my age, he will turn 53 a month after I do.

After reviewing my finances, we both jokingly (at least for me!) decided that I needed to find a rich guy to marry me.

I laughed until he said, “he’d have to be in his 70s, of course to date a woman your age.”

According to Bob, all his (I assume wealthy) divorced friends our age are now looking for women in their 20s and early 30s.

Sitting across from Bob at that moment, a lot went through my head. First of all, who wants to date someone a quarter century younger than themselves? I have friends in their 20s, but they feel more like daughters. We don’t have a ton in common at this point, although I can remember what it was like to be that age – many many years ago. To me, they’re kids.

What are these guys thinking? If they weren’t rich, those lovely young ladies wouldn’t give them a second look.

(I would also like to say that Bob is not George Clooney and I doubt that his buddies are either, but of course I can’t be sure. Am I being snarky? Sorry/)

I suppose I’m defensive because it makes me feel small and old and less-than. I felt like Bob, my peer, was saying I’m way over the hill for him and his friends, like he has more power than I do.

And I have aged. I look at pictures from even a few years ago and see many more lines and jowls. It’s noticeable. I don’t usually mind at all – I am who I am, I’m comfortable aging – I wear less make-up, accept my 10 pound weight gain, and focus on having PURPOSE in my life. My life is so rich right now. But for a minute, all the new lines and lumps and bumps looked very prominent.

I made a list of all my friends who have recently met (and even married) guys our age. It’s a surprising big number – of course, I excluded my friend who’s been with a much YOUNGER man blissfully for several years. He just bought her a new car for Valentine’s Day. Take that Bob and Company! (Just between us, I have always stayed away from younger men, convinced that one day, they’d think I was too old. This isn’t particularly healthy thinking, I know.)

And of course, I wouldn’t want a man who ONLY wanted a young woman. Kind of creepy, if you ask me.

Still, I felt old.

And I am older. BUT I don’t have time to waste worrying about it. Off I go to do something useful 🙂

2 thoughts on “Older Men/Younger Women

  1. We have a couple of guys at work who are like your “Bob”. I say to them that they need to keep in mind that testosterone has a side effect which is to make a man think he is younger than he really is and that this can lead to them thinking that a 25 year old woman finds them attractive. They really need to get online forums and start reading what young women REALLY think of men over forty who flirt with them – it ain’t very nice.

    When I was a young woman I was always being targeted by older men. I wish I had the courage then to say to them that they were creepy old farts. Alas, I just blushed and escaped from their pawing and leering. Even now I get men men who come into work and chat me up – but they are over seventy. When they get to that age they either want a purse or a nurse. Ha ha.


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