Calling Out/In Sick

I have always babied myself. If I felt a wee bit sick or “off”, I’d skip work, cancel plans or renege on commitments. It didn’t matter who was counting on me, I came first. I pushed myself to do…nothing.

These days, I want to show up for people and events. It’s absolutely the right thing to do. But now, I don’t know when or where to draw the line and say, “I need to cancel and stay home”. I’m so used to historically putting myself first – I don’t know when it’s actually appropriate to do so.

Today, I’m feeling pretty crappy. I made it to work, but that’s about all I’ve got. Work is my priority – if humanly possible, I get myself there no matter what’s going on.
Tonight, I have a few friends going to a function because I was planning to go. They can manage on their own, but for a couple of reasons, it would be better if I went too. I feel responsible. And yet, I feel like poop and cannot picture sitting through a function and getting home late. It wouldn’t be an option to leave early.

What do other people do? How far do you push?

2 thoughts on “Calling Out/In Sick

    1. I sense, tho, that you naturally know how to be considerate. I don’t. I just want TLC galore, without earning it. I’ve never been married or had kids and really know nothing about compromising. I think for you, a wife and mother, it’s probably a good idea to put yourself first for a while.


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