Journey up the Scale, Part 2

I continue to gain weight. Oh well.

I am really happy with how I’m eating. It floats through my mind, “should I cut back”?, and the answer is a very clear “no”.

It’s actually no surprise that, evidently, I’m not meant to be particularly thin. Deep down inside, I always knew my body wanted bigger. I have spent a lifetime staring at larger women who looked happy and comfortable. I would check to see if they were married (I was under the impression that men only like thin women. Huh?) If someone paid a compliment to a heavier woman, my ears would perk right up – could I be plump AND attractive? Could I be big AND happy?

The shocking (to me) truth is that I like this new body, all lumps and bump and jiggling and jostling. I feel like a grown up. I feel free.

WAIT. DID I WRITE THAT? I have to go back and re-read that last paragraph. Did I, Melissa Jane Statmore, really write it? Yes, yes I did!!!!!

Let freedom ring.

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